How Diabetes Affects The Body Organs And Systems

What if you happened to be diagnosed with diabetes? Are you going to stay at home, remain indoors and just continue to inject yourself with insulin everyday? What needs to be understood are the facts about diabetes, and the need to accept it wholeheartedly as you can’t allow it to become a heavy burden in […]

Exposing The Most Common Myths When It Comes To Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that’s caused by an excessive amount of sugar in the bloodstream, which causes the body to be unable to properly manage carbohydrates. What diabetes does is causes a host of known health issues, such as kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage, heart disease and stroke. With so many health problems that it […]

4 Potential Oral Health Issues If Diabetes Goes Untreated

Diabetes Mellitus, often referred more commonly to as diabetes, is the condition and result of a high amount of sugar in the bloodstream. Insulin, is the hormone the pancreas produces, that’s designed to control this blood sugar. What diabetes does, is causes the body to become insulin resistant or not produce enough of it, usually […]

Follow The Right Guidelines For A Healthy Diabetic Diet

When it comes to a healthy diabetic diet, there are a few guidelines you need follow to properly manage it. There are also certain diabetic diet “no-no” foods, that you need to avoid at all costs, to manage your condition. 6 “Do’s” For Your Diabetic Diet 1.) – Make sure you drink adequate amounts of […]

Common Symptoms Of Diabetes And Its Negative Effects On The Body

Diabetes is becoming an increasingly common disease, now considered to be an epidemic. What may be surprising for some, is that India is now considered the Diabetes Capital of the world. The World Health Organization estimates there will be a 200% percent increase in the number of people with diabetes, within the next 15 years. […]

Certain Issues You May Not Know About Diabetes But Should

There are approximately 18.2 million Americans living with diabetes, and another 13 million who will be diagnosed with the condition at any given time. So this disease is considered to be on the up rise. What you need to know, is what exactly is diabetes and how many “types” are there. The Definition Of Diabetes […]

8 Common Health Conditions Associated With Diabetes

When the body is unable to produce insulin, it leads to the disease diabetes. When the body can’t generate insulin, it disrupts the natural carbohydrate converting process. This disruption can and will lead to an array of health issues, and the longer the disease goes undiagnosed or untreated, the more severe the conditions become. When […]

How Does Type 2 Diabetes Develop and Affect The Body

The International Diabetes Federation estimates that 415 million people around the world has diabetes, with the number anticipated to hit 632 million by 2030. That’s approximately 10% percent of the world’s population living with this condition. What’s known is that every six seconds, a person with diabetes dies, with more than half of them being […]

How Many People Are Estimated To Have or Will Have Diabetes?

Several decades ago, the World Health Organization claimed diabetes was not a very common disease in developing and developed countries. How times have changed, as this disease is becoming prevalent. Today, there is an estimated 143+ million people who have it, and the number is expected to rise to more than 220 million people by […]